Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Plants are an inexhaustible source of benefits. And this is also true for fighting stress! Let’s discover the most recognized plants for their anti-stress and anti-anxiety actions.

You now know how to relieve your stress through herbs and essential oils. But to avoid getting overwhelmed, it’s important to question your lifestyle. Indeed, most anxiety and anxiety pen age limits means that stress situations are encountered at work and in our personal lives. Yet, with organization and hindsight, everything can be well managed.

When you feel overwhelmed by the mass of work in the office, take a break. List everything you have to do on a sheet. Then, with a color code for example, prioritize this task list. So, you will at least know where to start. You will also see how you can move forward and stop the tasks one after the other, without panic!

In the personal life, it is the same principle: all is not of the same importance. Prioritize and delegate. After all, you are not alone in having to assume all the charges!

In short, it is important to take a step back so you do not get overwhelmed. Easy to say, less easy to do, of course! But by dint of perseverance, this new way of life will become a reflex, and you will be well relieved.

Essential oils

The scent molecules of essential oils act directly on the nervous system, both by inhalation and penetration into the bloodstream, and some plants in particular are known for their soothing action. On the one hand, we can opt for an aerial diffusion of a relaxing mixture. You can choose your own essences, or enjoy soothing mixes already made.

Another option is to apply some essential oils directly to the skin, for example at the inside of the wrists, where the blood supply is important. Be careful though, some of them can not be applied pure; the most cautious, when you do not know a lot, is to use ready-made mixtures too (like the anti-stress rolls-on that you will find in pharmacies).


Magnesium is a soothing mineral for the nervous system, able to relieve tension, which is why it is essential in case of chronic or punctual stress, and very classically prescribed in cure by doctors. It is mainly found in green vegetables, some fruits such as banana, or oilseeds and cocoa, but the safest way to feel better is to supplement with a good quality supplement. Favor the association with vitamin B6, which facilitates its assimilation and improves its activity in the organism. On me, the intake of magnesium is quite radical: my stress is there, but I handle it much more calmly.


Do you feel the tension rising? A cup of chamomile will certainly help you calm down. Some components of the chamomile reach, in the brain, the same receptors as drugs such as Valium, for example.

To prevent anxiety, you can also take chamomile as a supplement in dry extract, that is to say in capsules or tablets. A dose of 50 to 300 mg, taken three times a day, is indicated for regular anxiety states. In commerce, it is possible to find extracts standardized to 1.2% of apigenin. An American study of patients with anxiety disorders found that taking chamomile supplements for 8 weeks showed a significant decrease in symptoms, compared to patients taking placebo.

Green Tea

The story is that in Japan, Buddhist monks could meditate for hours, while being both awake and relaxed. According to US scientists, one of the reasons for this state of relaxation is related to the presence of an amino acid in their green tea: L-theanine.

Studies show that L-Theanine helps to slow the increase in heart rate and blood pressure and reduces anxiety. Subjects taking 200 milligrams of L-theanine are thus more relaxed and more concentrated.

Note that to obtain a sufficient amount of L-theanine and drinking green tea, you must ingest between 5 and 20 … Probably enough reason to turn to L-theanine tablets.

Cannabis oil / CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid with anxiolytic properties. This effect is generated with low doses of CBD Oil, although there are patients who require high doses of Cannabidiol to control the anxiety disorder. It is important to emphasize that anxiety disorders can only be controlled with a pharmacological approach.

We must contact different health professionals, such as psychologists, to develop non-pharmacological tools that allow us to rationalize the anxiety process, to be able to control critical situations. Cannabis Oil UK can help us as a complementary therapy, without significant side effects, which is a great advantage over benzodiazepines, for example, which, in addition to its side effects, can create a dependency that is difficult to solve. Generate a tolerance, so we need to increase the doses from time to time.

We believe that the CBD and especially UK made CBD Oil does not generate dependence or tolerance with the data we are currently processing.

Not all anxiety disorders are equally responsive to CBD, but I insist they can be very helpful in these processes, however I have not dound much use from CBD Vape UK. It is possible to start treatment with CBD only (60 mg daily, divided into 3 doses). Before prescribing a treatment, it is necessary to study the patient’s medical documentation, to evaluate and contraindications, possible drug interactions. We cannot through the web, dispense or prescribe treatments. We can report on the therapeutic use, and advise the treatment characteristics in relation to the indicated cannabinoids.