About Me

It took me several years to truly understand the cause of my anxiety! Once I realized that to cure my anxiety disorder, I just had to take care of the health of my billions of cells, my life changed! I freed myself from generalized anxiety very quickly. My name is Peter and I’m going to help you relief anxiety.

First, you should know that anxiety is not an incurable disease, it is neither more nor less than an energy imbalance. At the time, when I was in the middle of anxiety, panic and anxiety with repeated crises, I was not willing to hear about energy disorders, I needed a quick fix for my urgent problem! Unfortunately, in a hurry, I lost a lot of time trying many alternative therapies that never really helped me to permanently cure me! Rest assured, I will prevent you from losing years fighting stress by revealing exactly how I did to overcome anxiety permanently!

First of all, you have to understand your anxiety state and situate it on the stress scale. It is normal to feel stress or anxiety once before or after a particular situation: exam, test, competition, danger, etc. But this temporary stress aims to prepare our body for performance whether physical or mental. It a Natural process of adaptation.

But generalized anxiety is a completely different stress. It indicates an overall dysfunction of the body. The starting point of anxiety is always the body that works badly. The mistake I made for many years is to focus on my mind. I believed at the time that my anxiety, my fears, my depression, were caused by my way of thinking, my psychic character, my cognitive schema. It was a big mistake because I discovered much later that the anxiety that one believes wrong psychic, is actually a body unregulated (sick)!

It is difficult to get out of anxiety alone, that is why family help and support plays a big factor. It is therefore recommended to talk about the way you feel with people close to you.

Also it crucial to Contact a health professional who knows this condition, such as a psychiatrist psychotherapist.

This one can propose you a strategy of recovery involving a psychotherapeutic approach, for example a behavioral and cognitive therapy (CBT), but also a medicinal supplement if necessary (anxiolytics, antidepressants indicated for their anti-panic potential).

The psychotherapeutic support will help you manage your fragility in relation to an anxiety attack or a panic attack, will question your control strategy, and help you to confront the triggers.

Treatments for anxiety attacks often involve the need to develop “healthy habits” such as practicing yoga and meditation, to free time for relaxing activities, etc.